James Harrison Leg Presses 1,100-plus Pounds the Morning After a Game

James Harrison played on Sunday night and was back at it Monday morning, leg pressing well over 1,100 pounds.

Humans feel pain. Humans get tired. Humans need sleep.

James Harrison doesn't appear to be human.

The 38-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker has always been a workout warrior, but he seems to be taking it to an entirely new level this season.

Last night, Harrison totaled two tackles in the Steelers' 43-14 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. The game didn't kick off until 8:30 p.m. and it wrapped up close to midnight. The players probably didn't get to bed until a couple of hours later, so no one would blame the Steelers if they wanted to get some extra shuteye today.

But James Harrison does not sleep in. No, James Harrison gets back into the gym before 10 a.m. and does Leg Presses with over 1,100 pounds:

His early morning grind session also included some brutal Band-Resisted Box Squats:

In life, only three things are certain: death, taxes and James Harrison working out.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock