Jimmy Butler and Doug McDermott Are Crushing Beach Workouts in Cabo to Get Ready for the Upcoming NBA Season

It's not all paradise by the ocean. This grueling workout will have these NBA stars fit and agile when the season starts.

As serene a setting as the beach can sometimes be, it can also provide the backdrop to incredibly grueling workouts. The sand acts as a natural resistance trainer, and any agility or footwork exercise is made much more difficult when performed by the ocean. Case in point? The latest workouts of Chicago Bulls teammates Jimmy Butler and Doug McDermott.

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Under the watchful eye of trainer Travelle Gaines, McDermott shuffles laterally with Butler, who is moving on the opposite side, and sticks with him wherever he goes. Butler's job is to try and lose  McDermott and never stop moving his feet. The result is a brutal 15 seconds of movement, a dril we're assuming Gaines ran them through multiple times with short breaks in between.

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It's a new day in Chicago, with former mainstays Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose gone and Dwyane Wade arriving. The Bulls are now officially Butler's team. His workouts with a key cog off the bench show he's not taking that responsibility lightly.

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