See Ohio State Linebacker Transform from Boy to Beast

Check out photos of Ohio State linebacker Joshua Perry's amazing body transformation.

Joshua Perry, a junior linebacker for Ohio State, posted a timeline of his amazing body progress on Instagram yesterday. In the first picture, from January 2012, Perry looks like he's in OK shape but could definitely use more time in the weight room. Taken about 30 months later, the fourth picture reveals the outstanding progress Perry made.

As a caption for the photo, Perry wrote: "I've come a long way . . . didn't like that guy from the past, so I made a change."

Boy, did he ever. The first and fourth photos look like completely different people (although the haircut probably made a difference, too.)

Under each photo, you can also see some of Perry's testing numbers, proving his transformation was not just about superficial improvement. Props to Perry for his hard work. We'll expect him to put that new body to good use this season making plays for the Buckeyes.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock