Shooting Drills That Will Make You a Knock-Down Shooter

Three drills from STACK Expert Gawon Hyman to help you become a better shooter.

In professional basketball, a knock-down shooter is a hot commodity. Being able to get the ball in the hoop from anywhere on the floor is almost a lost art. In general, when shooting it's a good idea to:

  • Move without the ball and know where your teammates are.
  • Change speeds as you direct yourself toward a screen.
  • Never stand in the same spot for more than two seconds.

To help you take it up a notch, here are some knock-down shooting drills that can be done alone or with a partner as a passer. When performing them, work on being consistent in your shot preparation and deliberate in your drill work.

Catch and Shoot

Purpose: Working on coming off a pin-down screen right on the wing. As you come around the screen, plant your inside foot, catch, and shoot the ball with a 1-2 step.

Set Up: Do this with a partner. Place a cone or chair on the wing to simulate the pin-down screen. Your partner passes you the ball as you come off the screen prepared to catch and shoot. Do this on both sides of the court with 10 makes each side.

Catch & Shoot, 1 Dribble

Purpose: Working on coming off the screen when the defender meets you there. There will be a pump fake and one dribble with a pull-up.

Set Up: Come off the screen prepared to shoot. Make a solid pump fake, then 1-dribble into the pull. Use both sides of the court. Do 10 makes each side

The Fade

Purpose: If the defender decides to go under the screen, fade to the corner to get a shot off. Footwork is important. Prepare early to be ready to shoot the ball.

Set Up: Come around the pin-down screen. Act as if the defender went under the screen. Push off the plant foot right into the shot and knock it down. Do 10 makes on both sides.

Check out the video playlist above to learn how to master Damian Lillard's screen-to-floater move.

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