Kyrie Irving's Guide to Dribbling

Kyrie Irving, one of the best ball-handlers in the NBA, shares three drills that helped him perfect his dribbling skills.

Kyrie Irving's Dribbling Guide

How did Kyrie Irving become one of the best ball handlers on the planet? By always acting like it's a live game, even when he's alone. Irving said, "[A coach once told me] if you're going to dribble, do it hard. Pretend there's somebody in front of you."

To enhance your ball-handling skills, perform these drills, keeping Irving's advice in mind.


Dribble the ball from your right hand to your left, keeping it below knee level and within a space no wider than knee-width. Keep your non-dribbling hand up and change the position of your body and feet to protect the ball.

Figure 8

Dribble the ball between your legs from back to front, switching hands when it goes through your legs. Then change direction and dribble from front to back.

One Knee

Kneel on your left knee with your right foot on the floor in front of your body. Starting in front of your bent knee, dribble around to one side and under the knee. Change hands and dribble in the opposite direction. Continue dribbling and changing hands

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