4 Exercises to Build True Lacrosse Power

STACK Expert Bill Rom prescribes 4 exercises to help lacrosse players increase their power on the field.

What do you get when you mix the positioning of a soccer forward, the dynamic action of a running back and the ballistic action of a home run king?

You get an attackman in lacrosse.

Lacrosse's demands and varied movements are unique, requiring athletes to accelerate, decelerate and move in 360 degrees of freedom while maintaining enough balance to unleash 90-plus-mph shots. Lacrosse players should not train for power like shot putters or football players.

If you want to shoot harder, run faster and move better, use these lacrosse power exercises. Whether you are looking to stop an attack in its tracks or blow past adefender and rip a shot, increasing your power is the fastest way to improving your performance on the field.

Step-Over Smash

The Step-Over Smash teaches you how to produce force laterally while moving through space. The buildup of power with the step-through allows you to increase the potential energy you can exert into the med ball. This action helps to create timing and coordination of movements that will enhance your shot power and improve your rotational strength.

Pallof Press

You don't want just to be able to create force; you also need to be able to absorb force. The Palloff Press is a key to creating tension in the core to resist movement. With it, your core resists the opposing rotation of your hips and upper body. This is vital if you are looking to improve rotational power. If your core isn't strong enough to stop rotation, you cannot transfer energy properly from your hips to your hands.

Skater Jumps

To create greater push-to-change-directions on a dodge, to shoot harder or to stay in front of the attack, training your power from side to side is vital. The Skater Jump teaches you to create and absorb force and will help build your capacity to move effortlessly in the game.

Depth Jumps

Although training for specific power traits is important for maximizing your athletic ability, sometimes it's important to build raw power the best way you can. The Depth Jump overloads your muscles by increasing the amount of tension they can absorb when you drop from a box. You then use this stored energy to increase your ability to jump higher. Over time, your body learns to create this tension more rapidly on its own, improving your ability to produce force. More force equals faster movement.

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