STACK's 10 Best Designs of the LeBron X in Nike ID

STACK has some fun with the LeBron X sneaker in Nike ID. Check out our 10 favorite designs and create your own.

LeBron X

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The LeBron X has been the talk of the sneaker world since its unveiling during the gold medal basketball game of the 2012 Summer Olympics. The colorways that have dropped so far ("Olympic," "Fireberry," "Blue Diamond," "Cutting Jade") have all been fresh, but Nike is allowing sneakerheads to take things to a whole new level. With Nike ID, you can now customize your LeBron X with whatever colors you want. Style them after your favorite team, or mix and match until you find something dope. Here at STACK, we decided to take a shot at designing what we deem to be the ten coolest colorways of the LeBron X.


LeBron X Nike ID

Aquaman's underwater outfit has always been a mixture of funky colors, so why not put it on a shoe? The LeBron X looks fresh with orange covering the upper, teal gracing the swoosh, midsole and laces, and yellow taking care of the rest. All you need is the ability to breath underwater and you'll be set.

"High Altitude"

LeBron X Nike ID

The Denver Nuggets unveiled their new alternate yellow jerseys for the season, and we decided to design a shoe that matches up nicely with them. The blue and bright yellow contrast nicely with each other, and the speckled midsole featuring the main colors is a sharp touch.

"Trick or Dunk"

LeBron X Nike ID

There's just something about the orange and black combo that feels right. Maybe it's because it reminds us of fall, Halloween and the start of basketball season. Or maybe it's because those colors make for one singularly handsome shoe. Whatever the reason, these Halloween-inspired LeBrons are sure to leave your friends orange with envy. Is that the saying?

"Blue Jay"

LeBron X Nike ID

Paul Molitor. Roberto Alomar. John Olerud. Joe Carter. Bring back memories of the Blue Jays' glory years with this colorway of the LeBron X, modeled after the classic Toronto Blue Jays logo. Dueling shades of blue mixed with red and white have always made the Blue Jays logo one of the best in sports, and those colors translate nicely onto a pair of 'Brons.

"Think Pink"

LeBron X Nike ID

Whether you want to honor breast cancer awareness month or just make a bold shoe choice, "Think Pink" is for you. The pink covering the laces, swoosh and Flywire really stands out against the black upper. You know what they say. Pink is in. Time to embrace it.

"Old Maverick"

LeBron X Nike ID

It's pretty much a consensus that the old Dallas Mavericks logo is (as Larry David would say) pretty, pretty good. Matching up the pine green with the dark blue and touching it up with a splash of white on the laces and the midsole make for one sharp Mavericks-inspired pair of kicks.


LeBron X Nike ID

These LeBrons pay homage to the bowl of sweet peppermints that your grandmother always kept on the stand next to the couch. As you sat there, mindlessly watching hours of television (because your grandmother was awesome like that), your hand just kept reaching for the bowl as you digested your weight in minty goodness. Wear these to remember a simpler time, when all you cared about was candy and cartoons.


LeBron X Nike ID

A moment of silence for the Seattle Supersonics. Thank you. Just because the team hopped on a plane to Oklahoma City does not mean that its colors—or players like Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp or Detlef Schrempf—will be forgotten. Gold and green will live forever on these LeBron Xs, and here's hoping basketball returns to Seattle so that the lasting memory of the Supersonics is more than Schrempf's guest spot on Parks & Recreation.

"The Raven"

LeBron X Nike ID

Ominous and menacing, these LeBrons, inspired by the Baltimore Ravens' black pants-purple uniforms, will let onlookers know it's time to get down to business.


LeBron X Nike ID

Infuse a little bit of that Syracuse orange and blue into the LeBron X, and neither the hardwood nor the clubs will be ready for your arrival.

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