Miles Teller Boards Crime Film 'The Life and Times of the Stopwatch Gang'

Miles Teller will star in an upcoming movie about a trio of bank robbers known for their speed and precision.

It has been confirmed that Miles Teller (the Divergent franchise and Whiplash) will star in the crime flick The Life and Times of the Stopwatch Gang. This upcoming Universal production is based on a long-form piece by Josh Dean, published in The Atavist, telling the story of an infamous bank robbing trio noted for their astounding speed and precision. The gang managed to steal millions of dollars from a bank in less than two minutes.

The film is being directed by Ruben Fleischer, best known for directing Gangster Squad and Zombieland. The prominent filmmaker's next big screen project is reportedly Zombieland 2.

In addition to starring in the movie, Teller will also serve as a producer. His fellow producers include Scott Stuber (Identity Thief), Dylan Clark (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) and David Bernad (Enlightened).

This isn't the first time Universal has optioned an article from The Atavist for a big screen project. The studio recently bought the rights to a piece about White Boy Rick.

Teller is hotter than ever following his performances in a string of high-profile motion pictures. But commercial success is not everything to him. In an interview with The New York Times last year, he said, "I want to break out of that whole group of actors in their early 20s and really start to put stuff down that lets you know I take this seriously."


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock