LOOK: The Undertaker's Lats Are Alarmingly Humongous in this Instagram Post

The Undertaker is preparing for WrestleMania 32. Opponents beware. This dude is gargantuan!

The Undertaker

Having won multiple championship belts throughout his 31-year career, the Undertaker is a WWE legend. Although he's getting older, he still intimidates most opponents. Why? Not just because of his creepy eye roll or his devastating chokeslam, but because the dude is gargantuan. The Undertaker stands 6-foot-10, weighs almost 300 pounds and works out a ton. He is one of the most jacked 50-year-olds you will ever see.

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A recent post on his girlfriend's Instagram shows the WWE superstar performing Lat Pulldowns, and his lats are massive. Actually, his whole back is ripped. His workout included 100 Shoulder Lat Raises, 100 Bicep Curls, 100 Tricep Extensions, 100 25-pound Russian Twists and a Burpee every time you hear thunder in the AC/DC song "Thunderstruck" playing in the background.

It seems the Undertaker is getting ready for WrestleMania 32 on April 6. This should make a lot of fans happy. Check out the post below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock