Master The Five Pillars of Athletic Mental Toughness, Part 3: Mental Preparation

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Mental toughness is critical for success in sports, and how you develop your mind will directly impact how well you play your sport.

That brings us to mental preparation, one of the most important aspects of developing your mind and thus becoming a mentally tougher athlete. In this installment of the "Five Pillars of Mental Toughness," we discuss how you can become better prepared and more successful.

Mental Preparation
Mental preparation includes how well you pay attention to details, your level of self-discipline, and the attitude you develop that helps you stay positive and optimistic. Mentally prepared athletes achieve success in the classroom, train regularly and stay away from negative influences that can interfere with their athletic development.

Use the following check-in questions to gauge your level of mental preparation:

  • Are you fully aware of the expectations placed on you by your team?
  • Are you keeping up with all of your responsibilities—and not just sports?
  • Do you make it a point to adopt a positive attitude every day?
  • Do you know your role on the team?
  • Are you working hard every day to become the best player you can be?


Dr. Chris Stankovich is a licensed professional clinical counselor and the founder of Advanced Human Performance Systems, a counseling and performance center based in Columbus, Ohio. He offers performance-enhancement assistance to athletes, teams and coaches in areas of athletic improvement, wellness, leadership, life skills and career development. Learn more about Dr. Stankovich's work by visiting his website,

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