Calling (and Texting) All Men's Basketball Recruits

Learn about new rules for men's basketball recruits from STACK's own Kesha Christoph.

Recruiting Text
Recruits hoping to play D-I men's basketball will have to adjust to a new rule this season.

Previously, Division I men's basketball coaches could only call recruits once a month between June 15 of their sophomore years and July 31 following their junior years. From that point on, coaches could only call twice a week, and they were not allowed to send text messages.

Now, there are no limits. D-I men's basketball coaches can text and call as often as they want once a recruit has finished his sophomore year. Coaches can also send private messages through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, which means young athletes will be inundated with requests to chat about their futures.

The new rules allow coaches to really get to know you. Coaches will be spending more time with you on the phone and looking much more closely at your social media pages. Remember to be a responsible social media user, and talk to your parents and high school coaches about college recruiters who overstep their boundaries.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock