Muscular Development For Athletes: A Complete Workout Guide

Build muscle, increase strength and blast fat with this tough workout from STACK's SVP Content, Josh Staph.

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Athlete Muscles

You're an athlete, so you obviously want to play your best. But is it bad to want to look good, too? Of course not. There's nothing wrong with wanting to put a little polish on that physique you've spent so much time building for your sport. That's why STACK created this muscular development workout. It is built on a rigorous series of rapid-fire, multi-joint exercises that simultaneously build muscle, increase strength and blast fat.

This style of training forges functional muscle, meaning it won't just improve your looks, it'll also help you perform better on the field.

Click through the slideshow and perform the workout once or twice a week to develop your muscles, or just to test your fitness. It's a tough challenge, so be prepared.

Complete each group of exercises in circuit fashion with minimal rest between them. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat the circuit for specified sets.

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