NFL Scouts Say John Ross Is the Fastest Man in College Football. Watch His Turf-Melting 4.25 Speed in Action

You've never seen speed like John Ross's. The University of Washington wide receiver has been called the fastest man in college football by NFL scouts.

There are explosive playmakers, and then there's John Ross.

The wide receiver is a big reason why the Washington Huskies are currently ranked as the fifth-best team in all of college football. So far this season, the 5-foot-11, 190-pound redshirt junior has totaled 30 receptions for 371 yards and 9 receiving touchdowns. He's also chipped in 55 rushing yards, a rushing touchdown and a kickoff return touchdown.

Ross's biggest weapon is his turf-melting speed. Last spring, he recorded an absurd 4.25 40-Yard Dash at UW's Spring Combine. Had Ross recorded that time at the NFL Combine, it would've been the second quickest 40-Yard Dash in the event's history.

In a recent article from, an anonymous NFC scout told draft analyst Lance Zierlein that "John Ross is probably the fastest player in college football right now, and I think he's going to end up being a better pro than Brandin Cooks." That's pretty high praise considering that Cooks, a former Oregon State receiver now with the New Orleans Saints, totaled 1,138 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns last season.

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But it's not that far-fetched. Ross's on-field speed can decimate a defense in the blink of an eye:

That's just silly. When a guy's Twitter display name is "Zoom", you know he's one fast dude.

Over the summer, Ross spent time working with DeSean Jackson—one of the NFL's most notorious burners. Jackson helped him realize that he could be an even more effective player if he focused more on his route-running and realized that he didn't need to have his turbo on 24/7. "I learned things from him and it's taken my game to a new level," Ross told The Seattle Times. "He told me things like understand that you're the fastest player on the field, but you don't have to use that speed all the time . . . sometimes you have to slow down and run routes."

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If you find yourself watching a Huskies game this season, keep an eye out for Ross. He'll be the blur knifing through defenses that no one can seem to catch.

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