First Look: Notre Dame's New Football Uniforms from Under Armour

The Notre Dame football team showed off its new Under Armour uniforms. STACK has pics!

Notre Dame football uniforms

Notre Dame's new home football uniform. All photos courtesy of University of Notre Dame

As the college football season rapidly approaches, we get a glimpse of the fruits of Notre Dame's new deal with Under Armour. Moving over from adidas, Notre Dame Athletics signed a 10-year deal with the Baltimore-based apparel company, and new football jerseys were a top priority.

The home uniform boasts a blue upper with white numbers outlined in gold. Gold is featured on the pants as well, and a blue Notre Dame logo rests below the left hip. The away unis feature a white upper with blue numbers, again outlined in gold trim. The pants remain the same. Finally, the "Shamrock Series" uniform, an alternate that the team wears for one special game each season, features a blue upper, offset by gold trim on the sleeves and neck, along with blue pants with gold ribbon just above the kneecap.

The home and away uniforms do not represent a huge departure from what the team wore last year, but the Shamrock Series outfit has a completely different look from its predecessor. Did Under Armour get it right? Scroll down for more photos.

Notre Dame Football uniforms

Notre Dame's new away football uniform

Notre Dame Football uniforms

Notre Dame's new "Shamrock Series" football uniform

Notre Dame Football uniforms

Notre Dame's "Shamrock Series" football gloves

Notre Dame Football uniforms

Base layer for Notre Dame's "Shamrock Series" uniform

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock