Path to the Pros: Von Miller

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The fast risers and free-fallers of this year's NFL Draft are starting to be known, especially at the top of the draft board. But one name has weathered the storm as a sure-fire top-five selection: Von Miller.

"Whatever team drafts me, they're getting a team guy," Miller says. "I'm looking to play whatever position that's going to get me on the field the fastest and contribute to winning."

Miller's consensus ranking is number two, and unlike most of his fellow prospects, he's had that spot on lock throughout most of the draft process. One lucky team will be fortunate to have the premier linebacker fall to them, especially given the premium placed on quarterbacks in this year's draft.

Miller remains unperturbed by all the draft drama: "All the mock drafts, that's for my mom and little brother to look at," he quips.

Step away from the mock drafts and have a look (above) at part two of STACK's Path to the Pros series, featuring Von Miller's NFL Draft preparation.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock