Perfect Your Glide Phase to Skate Faster

Want to get faster on the ice? Perform the One Foot Push, One Foot Glide Drill.

The One Foot Push, One Foot Glide Drill is used to target the gliding leg in the forward skating stride. Optimizing glide phase efficiency is one of the keys to maximizing your speed potential.

  • Begin by placing all your body weight on your gliding leg.
  • Push the shin pad against the tongue of your skate boot to activate a maximal knee bend.
  • Position your pushing skate at an outward angle.
  • Maintain a strong core and an upright torso.
  • Place both hands on the hockey stick for support and balance.
  • Take a full stride, finishing with a strong toe snap, and recover the skate underneath your shoulders before taking the next stride.

To progress the exercise, remove your bottom hand from the hockey stick and integrate an arm swing into your stride. Synchronize your arm movement with your stride to achieve full extension through your upper and lower body simultaneously.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock