Pick Up the New "NFL Blitz" Remake, Now Available

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One of the most popular football video games of all time has finally gotten the next-gen upgrade it so sorely deserved.

Gamers have waited 15 long years since the original NFL Blitz was released back in 1997, but the wait is finally over. EA Sports remade the classic, and it's available for download on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Fans of high-intensity seven-on-seven gameplay will be stoked to learn that most of the addicting nuts and bolts remain in the game—with the exception of the late hits, which were permitted in the previous version of Blitz but are gone from the new version.

Some preliminary concerns:  rosters could be updated, and all the quarterbacks are right-handed (even real-life lefties like Michael Vick). But overall, the game is true to the franchise.

To learn more about the new NFL Blitz, check out our exclusive video (above), then hit us up on Facebook or Twitter to tell us what you think.

Photo:  guyspeed.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock