Ray Allen Finally Reveals His Pick for the Best Shooter of All Time

Hint: It's not himself.

If you're having a conversation with your buddies about the best shooters in NBA history, and Ray Allen's name doesn't come tumbling out of your mouth, then you need to excuse yourself from the  conversation. Widely regarded as one of the best ever to shoot from deep, Allen sits atop the list of most 3-pointers made in NBA history and boasts a career shooting percentage of 40% from beyond the arc. His quick release and picture-perfect shooting form made Allen one of the deadliest deep threats ever, and you'd be hard pressed to argue against him as the best ever.

Allen, though, doesn't believe that opinion is true. Someone else has taken the crown of best shooter away from him, and Allen isn't too proud to admit it. His name is Steph Curry, the man setting 3-point records every season out in the Bay, and Allen is in awe of him.

"Right now, from what I've seen, it's easy for me to say that [Curry] is the best shooter that I've ever seen shoot," Allen said on ESPN's First Take. "He's setting a bar all on his own."

Allen went on to say that he sees himself more like Klay Thompson, a guy who is more adept at spot up shooting than at handling the ball as much as Curry does. For Curry to be able to handle point guard duties and still shoot like he does, that's what impresses Allen the most.

Though he has been going through a bit of a slump from deep since Kevin Durant went down with an injury, Curry is still shooting close to 40 percent from downtown this season. The fact that 40 percent is the lowest of his career tells you something, and it probably contributes to Allen's judgement that Curry is the greatest to ever do it.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock