Rob Gronkowski's Cheat Meal is a Weird Sub Few People Have Heard Of

Rob Gronkowski's philosophy on cheat meals: 'You gotta cheat at least once a week to stay true to yourself.'

To maintain his muscle mass and stay lean, Rob Gronkowski needs to keep his diet on point. It would be difficult to maintain the abs he shows off on Instagram if he consistently ate crappy food.

But Gronk does allow himself an occasional cheat meal. "You gotta cheat at least once a week to stay true to yourself," he says.

Gronk's go-to cheat meal is a chicken finger sub with mayo, extra barbecue sauce and extra cheese.

Chicken Finger Sub

Image via JimsSteakOut.Com.

No one at STACK had ever heard of this before, so we decided to find out if we could order one from a restaurant or sub shop—or if it is a proprietary Gronkreation (see what I did there?).

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We learned that the chicken finger sub is popular in the Buffalo area, which is where Gronk grew up. But unlike Buffalo wings, the chicken finger sub has never made it out of western New York—at least not yet.

Traditionally, the sandwich includes chicken fingers covered in Frank's Red Hot, mayo or bleu cheese, shredded lettuce and tomatoes. According to, the best spot for a chicken finger sub is Jim's SteakOut—in case you're ever in the Buffalo area and feeling adventurous.

It's certainly not the healthiest option in the world, but Gronk could do a lot worse for a cheat meal.

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Gronk Sub

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