Rock Out With Madden 11

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With Madden NFL 11 weeks away from hitting the shelves, EA Sports has pre-released the heart-pumping, head-banging game tunes that will prepare you to play the most realistic football simulator ever. Get ready to grab your controller and crank it to 11, because this year's Madden soundtrack will get you psyched for hard-hitting action.

The creators over at EA know how important it is to get in the right mindset to play football and that locker room tunes play a major role in mental prep. EA is all about authenticity, so this year they're bringing the game's soundtrack back to the gridiron with classic rock songs blasting out of speakers at all 32 NFL stadiums. With the Madden 11 playlist, gamers will be pumped up and rearing to hit the start button once the title screen pops up.

Check out the complete in-game soundtrack for Madden NFL 11 below—you may even want to add some of the songs to your own pre-game playlist [if they're not already on it].

Original Recordings:

Cover Versions:

The soundtrack includes cover versions of these artists' songs:

Team Fight Songs:

Also included on the soundtrack are a few team fight songs:

  • Chicago Bears – Bear Down Chicago Bears
  • Detroit Lions – Gridiron Heroes
  • Green Bay Packers – Go Packers Go!
  • Miami Dolphins – Miami Dolphins #1
  • Minnesota Vikings – Skol Vikings
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Fly Eagles Fly
  • Washington Redskins – Hail to the Redskins

If you want even more locker room inspiration, head to STACK TV to check out what cover athlete Drew Brees likes to rock out to before he takes the field.

Madden NFL 11 will be available on Aug. 10, 2010, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation2 and 3, Nintendo Wii and PSP. It will also be available globally for download to mobile platforms, including iPod Touch and feature phones.

Photo:  EA Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock