Scorch Fat in Ten Minutes With This Savage Battle Rope Workout

STACK Expert Ben Boudro offers a killer circuit that will help you slim down fast—assuming you survive it.

You will always remember your first battle rope workout.

You'll think it looks easy. You start slamming the ropes and it feels like a lot of fun. Then, BAM!

Your heart rate shoots through the roof. Your muscles catch on fire. Done correctly, most battle rope exercises have you out of breath and sweating within 25 seconds.

All of this makes battle rope rope exercises an especially potent way to scorch fat—while having a little fun in the process. Even when you're huffing, puffing and trying to catch your breath, the primal sensation you feel as you slam the ropes fuels your inner savage beast.

Want to smash your way to a vicious calorie burn in just 10 minutes? I've got you covered. Here's the workout.

How To Perform This Battle Rope Workout

  • Get out a battle rope. I used the one from Gronk Fitness, which I highly recommend.
  • Perform each exercise one after the other for 30 seconds each.
  • Rest for 30 seconds between exercises.
  • Repeat the circuit for 4 total rounds.

The Exercises

Single-Arm Slam to Roll Through

Single-Arm Slam to Roll Through

This one will take you back to your football days. Start in a Front Plank and slam hard with one arm.

Single-Arm Slam to Roll Through-2

Bust out your ninja abilities and roll to the other side.

Single-Arm Slam to Roll Through-3

Get back in plank position and slam with the opposite hand. Roll back over and repeat. This requires some skill and will definitely burn some big time fat.

Shuffle Slams

Shuffle Slams-1

You'll feel this in your quads a lot more than you think. Stay low and keep your feet straight as you shuffle. Keep the waves moving with your arms as you shuffle back and forth. Your whole body will be challenged by this one!

2 Slams to 5 Mountain Climbers

2 Slams to 5 Mountain Climbers-1

Slam the ropes hard twice to start.

2 Slams to 5 Mountain Climbers-2

Drop right into the Mountain Climbers. Your sweat will be building at this point in the workout. Going from the ground to standing is tough on its own. Adding explosive slams and Mountain Climbers makes this truly brutal.

5 Overhead Slams to Single-Leg Burpees

5 Overhead Slams to Single-Leg Burpees-1

One of my all-time favorites. As soon as your foot comes off the ground, you are forced to use (and therefore develop) your single-leg stability. I cannot overemphasize the importance of single-leg stability for athletes.

5 Overhead Slams to Single-Leg Burpees-2

After 5 slams, go down into a Burpee and come up on the opposite leg. Repeat for 30 seconds and your body will be left wondering what the heck just hit it.

There you go. Study the moves, set it up and lock it in during this entire workout. You will be on your way to fighting your belly fat and winning!


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