Speed Drill of the Day: Reach Your Top Speed Faster with Scramble Ups

Scramble Ups will help you improve your sprinting form to facilitate faster starts.

Don't stand straight up—it's one of the most important instructions about starting a sprint. Standing up at the beginning of a sprint, or when you're accelerating in general, will muck up your form and force you to move more slowly than you should.

The effectiveness of your initial burst depends largely on your body angle. Ideally, your body will lean forward at roughly 45 degrees and your feet will be driving into the ground behind your center of mass. This allows you to drive yourself forward and get up to top speed.

Scramble Ups teach this correct posture by forcing you to begin on the ground rather than on your feet. They reinforce the technique of maintaining a good body angle and driving your feet into the ground behind you.

How to Perform Scramble Ups

  • Start with your stomach on the ground and your hands next to your chest in a Push-Up position.
  • Curl your toes underneath you so they're pointing toward your shins.
  • When you're ready, drive one knee up toward your chest while pushing yourself forward with your hands.
  • Staying low to the ground, continue to drive your knees toward your chest while pushing the ground away with your feet.
  • Sprint the desired distance and walk back to the starting position.

Sets/Reps: 8 total reps with 30-45 seconds of rest between

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock