5 Shooting Drills That Will Make You Unstoppable

Become a knock-down shooter this year with five shooting drills from STACK Expert Danny Wilkerson.

Basketball Shooting Drills

To become a better offensive player, you must practice, practice, practice. Incorporate drills into your training that work on scoring with contact and that improve your footwork and ball-handling skills.

These drills can be done at game speed and with game intensity, either for a set amount of time or a set number of made baskets. I suggest either 10 made shots or short intervals of 30 seconds to one minute.

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Chair Layups

  • Set a chair at each elbow and place a ball in each chair.
  • Start at the right chair.
  • Staying low, take the ball out of the chair, sweep it below your knees and step with your inside foot, staying close to the chair to simulate getting the defender on your hip and keeping him there. (If you step out wide, you will give the defender time to recover and cut you off on your way to the basket.)
  • Explode to the basket and finish with a right-handed layup.
  • Backpedal up the middle of the lane and touch the 3-point line.
  • Repeat from the left side.

Crossover Step With Contact

  • Use the same setup as the first drill—except this time, use a crossover step with your outside foot and attack to the middle.
  • Have a coach stand under the basket and hit you with a pad as you finish the move.
  • Concentrate on the move and finish through the contact.

Drop Step Middle With Contact

  • Set a chair at the free-throw line and place a ball in the chair.
  • Have a coach stand under the basket with a pad.
  • Stand in front of the chair and stay low.
  • Take the ball from the chair, make a long drop step using a low power dribble and explode up and through the contact to make a layup.
  • For younger players, move the chair closer to the basket.

Two-Ball Dribble With Reverse Lay-Up

  • Start on the right baseline, outside the lane.
  • Backpedal with a two-ball dribble to the 3-point line.
  • Touch the 3-point line, cup the inside ball and explode to the basket with the other ball to complete a reverse layup.
  • Try to get to the basket in one dribble.
  • Complete the drill from both sides of the basket.

McHale Drill With Layup Finish

  • Set a chair on the left elbow and place a ball in the chair.
  • Start on the right side of the basket.
  • Tip the ball off the backboard with your right hand three times.
  • On the fourth touch, tip the ball into the basket.
  • With a chair on the left elbow, sprint to the chair, take the ball and explode to the basket for a left-handed layup.
  • Perform on opposite side of the basket.

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