Make Your Own Sneakers in "NBA 2K13"

Get details on the new, improved shoe creator in "NBA 2K13."

D Rose NBA 2K13

There are lots of really fun details in NBA 2K13, sure to please even the most hardcore basketball gamers. Jay-Z is the executive producer, which means he picked the soundtrack, influenced the game's feel and, reportedly, pushed for the inclusion of the original 1992 Dream Team. Other new features: a simplified control scheme, a full NBA All-Star Weekend (free with a pre-order), and new legendary players, like Allen Iverson of the 2001 76ers.

Want icing on your cake? It might just be the enhanced shoe creator in NBA 2K13.

This year, gamers will be able to make their own customized sneakers, either working off real designs from top performance brands or starting from scratch to create something truly unique. The game has real fabrics, so rubber will look like rubber and suede like suede. In past editions, the shoe creator was limited: gamers could only change the colors of different sneakers. In 2K13, they will be able to assemble a complete shoe from different materials, so it should feel way more authentic.

But here's where it gets crazy. You'll actually be able to use NIKEiD within the game to create your basketball shoes in the real world. It's almost too much. Oct. 2 can't come soon enough.

Photo and Source: 2K Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock