4 Soccer Off-Season Conditioning Drills from the New England Revolution

Improve your conditioning for soccer with drills from Nick Downing, fitness coach for the New England Revolution.

As soccer season approaches, fitness and conditioning are high priorities—and hotly debated topics. As the strength and conditioning coach for the New England Revolution, I need to make sure our players are ready to go when the coach calls on them. This allows us to field our best 11 players every game, and ultimately leads to more success.

Soccer includes short, very intense bursts of energy using the alactic energy system, coupled with slow jogging or walking using the aerobic energy system. In the off-season, we focus on developing both of those systems to build a high base level of fitness, hoping to reduce injuries. This also allows us to use speed training and small-sided games to stay sharp during the season. Yes, we still do aerobic work on regeneration days during the season


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock