Spiderman 3 Movie Review

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By Chad Zimmerman

[Columbia Pictures]
Release Date: May 4
Action, adventure
Starring: Toby Mcguire as Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson

With their massive appeal, movies inspired by comic books have become some of the biggest blockbusters in recent time. But these action-packed sagas—with powerful characters, unbeatable rivalries and great underdog storylines—are perfect for athletes looking for a jolt of motivation. Few movies have provided inspiration better than the Spiderman series, with the third installment to hit this May.

Always facing seemingly unstoppable foes, Peter Parker and his alter ego Spiderman must not only defeat his latest super powered enemies, Sandman and Venom, but he must also battle his own inner demons. When Parker's Spiderman suit suddenly changes color to jet black, he discovers greater powers and strength. But they come at an even greater cost: overconfidence and neglect for those around him. Before he can take on Sandman and Venon—both of whom want to destroy him and everyone he cares for—Parker must first overcome the allure of his newfound strength and revert to righteous hero.

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