STACK Top 10 for 2011: Exercise of the Week

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Tim Tebow Working Out

In 2011, we featured an exercise each week, designed to improve various aspects of your athletic performance, including strength, speed, conditioning and mobility. In case you missed a week or two, here's your chance to catch up. Check out our top 10 Exercises of the Week from 2011, and stay tuned for an exciting year of weekly exercise articles in 2012.

1. Tim Tebow's Box Step-Up
The Denver Broncos QB breaks down an exercise essential for jumping, quickness, acceleration, agility and tackling power.

2. Brandon Jennings' Squat With Overhead Reach
The NBA superstar simultaneously increases strength and improves his coordination with this move.

3. Marques Colston's Sled Drive
The Saints WR uses Sled Drives to lengthens his stride for increased top speed.

4. University of Miami Football's Tennis Ball Reaction Drill
Miami Football dominates the gridiron by using this drill to improve their visual reaction time and explosive starts.

5. Brian Deegan's TRX Atomic Push-Up
The freestyle motocross pro uses this intense move to engage and strengthen his entire core.

6. Ndamukong Suh's "Arkansas Abs"
This tough ab circuit has made Suh a beast on the field.

7. Duncan Keith's and Mike Green's Bridge Circuit
The two hockey stars use this circuit to develop their core's ability to transfer force between the upper and lower body.

8. Drew Brees's 300-Yard Shuttle
The Saints star QB uses this exercise to challenge his mental toughness; he must fight through fatigue to continue performing at his max.

9. Carli Lloyd's Bench Press/Explosive Med Ball Bench Press Circuit
The midfielder performs a power exercise after a strength move, since research suggests it promotes the greatest training improvements in explosive strength.

10. LaMarr Woodley's Partner Quad and Hamstring Stretch
The Steelers OLB decreases his risk of injury by allowing his muscles to fully lengthen with this stretch.

Photo:  South Magazine for D1 Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock