'Step Up' Film Franchise Heads to TV

Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna will co-star in a TV series adaptation of the 'Step-Up' performing arts movies, to begin airing on YouTube Red in 2017.

Ten years after debuting in theaters, the hit dance movie franchise Step Up is getting adapted for television. It will air on YouTube's subscription streaming service, YouTube Red. The star of the film, Channing Tatum, and his co-star wife Jenna Dewan Tatum are executive producing the series, which is expected to premiere sometime in 2017.

A lot of enthusiasm surrounds the project and for good reason. Dominating the resurgence of performing arts school flicks, this big screen series brought in $650 million at the worldwide box office and launched Tatum's hugely successful career. Susanne Daniels, who heads YouTube Originals, has been anxious to acquire the property for over a year, first showing interest in it while she was a programming exec at MTV. But she says YouTube Red is the franchise's natural home.

"After five exciting and successful movies, we're proud to partner with YouTube Red, a major new force on the programming landscape, to adapt the films into an adrenaline-filled original drama series driven by its non-stop energy, spectacular dancing and A-list creative talent," said Lionsgate Television Group chairman Kevin Beggs in a statement.

It has become preferable for these reboots to bring in as many of the original production team members as possible. Joining the Tatums as executive producers are Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot and Meredith Milton, who executive produced the five films.

Step Up was unveiled at VidCon, along with five other YouTube Red projects, including some that will serve as vehicles for the platform's most popular stars:  VSauce, Dan & Phil, Rhett & Link and Vanoss Gaming.

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