Street Skate Training with Lauren Perkins

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For the majority of amateur skateboarders, training is nothing more than waking up and hitting the pavement with friends. But for pro street skater Lauren Perkins, getting better and nailing her tricks requires a mixture of skating and weight training.

"Anyone can skate," Perkins says, adding that if you want to take it seriously, you have to train your body to be strong enough to compete.

Perkins, who is one of a growing breed of action-sports athletes who use a personal trainer, works out four times a week for about an hour. When it comes to skateboarding, legs and core are keys to staying balanced on the board. "For the most part we do a lot of leg strengthening and abs," Perkins says. Cardio work and circuit training are used to get her heart rate up.

Working out and skating are only two-thirds of puzzle, though, when it comes to staying physically fit. Maintaining a healthy diet is the final piece. Perkins watches what she eats to stay lean—you'll rarely see an overweight skater. "I try to stay healthy," she says. "I try to eat organic—salads and stuff like that."

All in all, this 19-year-old from Huntington Beach, Calif., has come up with the perfect recipe for success. Need proof that her weekly training routine is working? Just check out her 13 top-five finishes in her last 15 pro events.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock