The Butt-Burning Tabata Workout

Torch your glutes in only four minutes with this Tabata workout.

Tabata workouts suck—in a good way. The method pushes your body to the limit for enormous conditioning benefits in only four minutes. It's uncomfortable but effective.

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Although Tabata routines are meant for conditioning work, they can also be used for an end-of-workout finisher to fry your muscles.

Ben Bruno, who trains athletes and celebrities such as Kate Upton, demonstrates the Tabata Hip Thrust on his YouTube channel, which you can view in the video below.

All you need to do is perform Bodyweight Hip Thrusts for 20 seconds, hold the top position of the rep for 10 seconds and repeat for a total of 8 sets over 4 minutes. Simple as that. If you're not comfortable with the Hip Thrust or don't have the equipment, try Glute Bridges instead.

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This places a ton of metabolic stress on your glutes, which is a key to building muscle.

I gave this a try and fell in love with the idea.

The first few sets seemed pretty easy, and I started longing for weight on the Hip Thrust; but by the end my glutes were absolutely on fire and I was wishing for it to end. You can really feel your glutes firing during the 10-second holds, and near the end of the four minutes, the seconds seem to tick by exceptionally slowly as your glutes are on fire.

For an additional muscle-building boost, Tabata Hip Thrusts are a great way to finish a workout. You can also try them after long periods of sitting to reactivate your glutes, which often become dormant in a seated position for too long.

Props to Bruno for this awesome concept!

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