The Chicago Bears Set an Alarm on a Rookie's Phone to Remind Him to Eat Every Two Hours

The Chicago Bears are taking a proactive approach to make sure rookie Leonard Floyd has enough bulk to be an effective NFL pass rusher.

When the Chicago Bears drafted Leonard Floyd with the ninth overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, they envisioned him as a disruptive edge rusher who could terrorize opposing quarterbacks.

To help make that vision a reality, the Bears have put Floyd on a dietary program designed to help him consume more calories. At the University of Georgia, the 6-foot-6 Floyd had no problem making plays despite his slender physique. But against the bigger, stronger and faster competition of the NFL, Floyd's "painfully thin" frame could be an issue. As such, the team has set regular alarms on Floyd's phone which remind him to eat every two to three hours. As for the actual food he'll grab when the alarm goes off, Floyd told The Chicago Tribune "[It can be a] weight bar, protein shake, sandwich, anything." Floyd also said he loses weight while he sleeps, so presumably the alarms wake him up throughout the night so he can grab a bite.

Floyd's new eating regimen certainly sounds like it's designed to help him put on weight, but the Bears staff is sending mixed messages. General manager Ryan Pace has stated he'd like Floyd to play at 240-plus pounds, while defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said he expects him to play at between 230 and 235 pounds. During his final season at Georgia, Floyd was listed at 231 pounds. His weight will be an interesting storyline to follow as we move closer to the regular season.

Leonard Floyd

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