The Role of a Team Captain

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Want the same rank as Gabrielle Reece, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning and Sidney Crosby? Use this summer to prove the captain patch belongs to you. 

The role of team captain is crucial, because the player who fills it sets the tone for practices, games and the season. If you're up for the challenge, heed this advice from Nick Cheronis, University of Florida associate head volleyball coach, on what coaches look for in a leader.

Get to know the younger players. "It's up to the older players to find out what motivates the [younger] ones, then use that to encourage them to contribute to the good of the team."

Build trust. "It's not about who likes you the most; it's who trusts you the most. Trust is built by understanding what others truly value, and paying attention to it consistently."

Be a mentor. "Especially to players who play the same position [as you]. Mentoring someone is a great way to build leadership."

Watch how you behave outside the gym. "If you're not doing all the right things off the court, there's no way you can be a leader on the court."

Keep a "we-not-me" attitude. "Not thinking about the other members of the team and how best to motivate them is a big turn off."

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock