This 4-Exercise Routine Will Build Six-Pack Abs

We know you want six-pack abs. This simple workout will help you get them.

If you tell me you really don't care how your abs look, well, I'm going to just come out and call you a liar. We all want toned abs.

Why wouldn't you?

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Growing up, I used to crank out Crunches, Sits-Ups, Planks or whatever I could just to get those washboard abs. At age 13 it was pretty easy to have abs. My metabolism was sky high and I was wrestling every day of my life. I had a solid set of six-pack abs and it felt great!

Through high school and my collegiate wrestling career at Michigan State, I still had those toned abs from being an athlete and training my body to the limit every day.

College came to an end, I got a job, wife, kids and BAM! My Sit-Ups and Crunches got put on the back burner. Not a good idea.

I thought that I could get by with doing my basic moves—you know Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Sled Push, you name it. I was doing everything except targeting my abs.

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So after a vacation this past fall, I came home after a week of drinking beer and eating everything in sight to discover that I had kind of lost my abs!

What? No!!

This had to come to an end.

So I went back to my 13-year-old days and came up with a Simple Ab Routine that I could do in addition to my strength workouts. Sure enough, it still works!

After doing this workout just twice a week, I now have my toned abs back and I'm feeling phenomenal.

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So Simple Abs Routine


  • Feet Up Sit-Ups - x 25 reps
  • Furniture Mover Pikes - x 25 reps
  • Plank Hip Dips - x 10 each side
  • V-Sit Holds - x 10-second holds

5 Rounds, no rest.

See what I mean by simple? You can do this workout practically anywhere and it gets the job done!

Start doing this So Simple Abs Routine twice a week, and you too will start to see those six-pack abs you clearly want.

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