This Shoulder Press Variation Will Build Strong and Durable Shoulders for Baseball

This small adjustment to the Landmine Press adds more challenge and confers more benefits for overhead athletes.

The traditional Landmine Press is used as a substitute for movements like the Overhead Press and Bench Press. For overhead athletes, it's safer than those movements because it helps protect the shoulder.

Although it's great for safe and pain-free shoulder training, you can make a slight tweak to provide a new challenge to your body. Rather than pressing straight ahead, press at a 30- to 45-degree angle in what's called the scapular plane or scaption.

When you press  at an angle, your shoulder blades (scapula) can rotate up through a full range of motion. If your scapula is unable to move through a full range of motion, you're at increased risk of injury in overhead pressing or other shoulder movements.

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Furthermore, using the half-kneeling position—which strength coach Mike Robertson does a great job of explaining here—helps to further protect you during pressing, because the strict lower-body position limits possible cheats you might be tempted to use to lift heavier weights, and prevents overextending your back.

In the video above, you can see me before the lift. Notice that I'm pressing at an angle. Set up angled to the bar to make this happen correctly. After the setup, keep your core tight, fire the glute of your front leg and perform the press.

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Feel free to use this for heavy or light loading, depending on whether your goal is prehab or a main pressing exercise; and follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more exercises you can add to your regimen.