Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning: Who Works Out Harder?

STACK answers the Brady vs. Manning debate once and for all.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are two of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation. Together they've combined to win four Super Bowls, thrown an obscene number of touchdown passes and set numerous NFL records—all while looking like fairly average guys. These two future hall of famers have also gone head-to-head in four epic playoff games, with each quarterback winning two of those match-ups. 

But we were curious about what really matters: Who works out the hardest? Here's what we found.

Tom Brady

Have you ever seen Tom Brady working out? Like, can you recall a time you read an article that had actual pictures of the New England Patriots quarterback lifting a weight? We can't either. Yet, aside from being a 3-time Super Bowl champion, Brady has also appeared in several issues of GQ magazine. The dude is cut. Here's how it probably, definitely happened.

NFL Combine Brady

Tom Brady

Image via FanShare

This amazing photo comes from the 2000 NFL Combine. Brady looks like someone who checks the "not a lot" box under the question, "How often do you work out?" There's not much muscle definition here, and anyone who saw this photo probably had a similar reaction: "THAT dude plays football?"

Sort of Muscular Brady

That's Brady a few years later, talking shop on some random football field. He stresses how important getting into the weight room was for him, and how jumping rope helped him with mobility, though just how much is questionable, since Brady would still lose most races to a tortoise.

Boxing Brady

Boxing Tom Brady

Image via NESN

This picture comes from Brady's wild years. He's let his hair run amuck like a lion's mane, because he doesn't care what you say about him. He's just doing him. He'll hit up a Beverly Hills boxing gym to throw some punches and then recover with a nice, cold, mochachino frappachino latte. But don't for one second think that white tape around his hands is just for show. Brady means business.

Wall-Sitting Brady

Tom Brady

Image via WhoSay

Wall sits? Please. Tom Brady can sit in a chair position longer than most people lie on the couch binge-watching Netflix. This is nothing to him. He doesn't even notice the fire pulsating through his legs; he's just talking about last night's poker game with fellow QB Alex Smith.

Beach Workout Brady

Tom Brady

Image via Daily Mail

What's left for the man who's done it all? A beach workout in a tank top, that's what. Wearing an ensemble that only a 37-year-old man with a kid could pull off, Brady took to the sand this past off-season for some serene conditioning drills. He's also been doing more agility drills to get .000001 percent quicker on the field.

Peyton Manning

When you think of someone who goes hard in the gym, Peyton Manning might not spring to mind. But Manning has been hitting it hard since his days at Tennessee.

Push It, Peyton!

Peyton Manning

Image via SI Kids

Look at that form! That grit! That hunger of a young southern boy yearning to throw footballs in a way that resembles the flight of a duck! Peyton was getting funky in the gym way before anyone knew who he was.

Dumbbell Press Manning

Whoa, Peyton, put those guns away! 80-pound Dumbbell Presses? Who are you, Superman? Check out Manning's entire workout in the video player above.

Stretching Manning

Peyton Manning

Image via Getty Images

Look at that stretch. You know what they say. Clear Eyes, Straight Legs, Can't Lose. When you're getting swole as much as Peyton is, you need some serious recovery and stretching time.

Weird Exercise Manning

Peyton Manning

Image via Sporting News

Who even knows what this exercise is? Does it matter? Manning is crushing it, just like he crushes life.


Brady may have the looks, but when it comes to really putting in time in the gym, Manning wins every time.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock