LOOK: Trent Richardson Lost 22 Pounds Trying to Revive His NFL Career

The former 'Bama great was out of football in 2015. Now with the Baltimore Ravens, Richardson is serious about a comeback.

Trent Richardson Weight Loss

Following three consecutive mediocre seasons from 2012 to 2014 and being left off NFL rosters entirely during the 2015 regular season, former University of Alabama star Trent Richardson is out to prove he can make it in the league, and he appears to have revamped his body in the process.

The Cleveland Browns drafted Richardson in the first round in 2012, but they traded him to the Colts the following season. His time in Indianapolis was fairly inglorious, as was Richardson's short stint with the Oakland Raiders. He was unemployed last season, but Richardson recently signed a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens.

Why would Baltimore take a chance on the seemingly washed-up Richardson? One reason could be his trim new physique. According to an Instagram post from Richardson's trainer Mike McCoy, the former Crimson Tide star is already down 22 pounds this off-season:

According to McCoy, Richardson currently weighs 218, which is six pounds lighter than he was during his final season at Alabama. Richardson's size and running style have been previously cited as the main reasons for his lack of success at the NFL level. In 2014, Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld.com wrote that Richardson's "top half caught too much wind as he gained speed. His bottom half seemed weighed down by the top, making him as stiff and rigid as an 18-wheeler. A Toyota Camry can weave in and out of traffic with impunity. Semis like Richardson can't."

Richardson is doubtless hoping a slimmer, more shredded frame will lead to greater agility and acceleration. McCoy, who serves as Director of Strength and Conditioning at The Warehouse Performance Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, is confident he'll be a totally different player in 2016.

"He is on a mission to prove the ones who counted him out wrong. Many may say he's done, he's finished, or washed up. This is rebirth, new life, of a man who is about to rewrite the story many of you have been reading. I heard a man say, 'If you can look up, you can get up.' Trust me when I say he will become legendary and a complete monster this upcoming season," McCoy wrote on a recent Instagram post featuring Richardson.

Check out this video from AL.com to hear Richardson detail his NFL experience to date and outline why he believes he can revive his career with the Ravens:

Richardson isn't the only former Crimson Tide back who has come under fire for his weight. Green Bay Packers ballcarrier Eddie Lacy fielded shots from his head coach for being too girthy last season. Like Richardson, Lacy has been working to slim down this off-season, reportedly with the help of P-90X trainer Tony Horton.

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