Toddler's Amazing Trick Shots are Better Than Yours

Trick Shot Titus is back. Watch the 2-year-old outdo himself with another video of basketball trick shots.

Trick Shot Titus has returned in another viral video. It's hard to believe the 2-year-old could one-up his last basketball video. But a basket from seven stories high and another in a regulation hoop in a crowded arena make this video the best yet.

In the clip, Titus hangs out with Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper—which probably didn't seem like a big deal to Titus, considering he has been in a commercial with Kobe and had a shoot-out with Shaquille O'Neal earlier this year. 

Check it all out in this video.

Source: Richman Ramblings

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock