TV Thriller from 'Game of Thrones' Director Miguel Sapochnik Brewing at USA Network

'Poor Richard's Almanack,' a new USA Network thriller, will give TV viewers a modern-day take on America's founding fathers.

Miguel Sapochnik (Game of Thrones) and Jim Danger Gray (Orange is the New Black) are teaming up for Poor Richard's Almanack, a political thriller about America's Founding Fathers. It was recently announced that USA Network, which is owned by NBC Universal, has ordered a pilot for the series, named after the annual almanac published by Ben Franklin.

Despite the title, the thriller does not take place during Ben Franklin's time. In fact, it's a modern day show, shifting between present day and a future in which characters have radically changed. The U.S. is attacked by another country, which seizes power, and the nation is driven to the brink of collapse. The plot focuses on a group of heroic characters, considered the new "Founding Fathers," who help to rebuild America and re-establish democracy. However, history also plays an important role in the program.

News of this series came shortly after AMC confirmed the renewal of its popular colonial thriller, Turn: Washington Spies, for a third season.

Jackie de Crinis, USA Network's executive vice president of original programming, said of the new show, "Jim and Miguel have brought us a bold conceptual world using historical references in a modern-day society."

Poor Richard's Almanack and other pilots for scripted dramas, such as the Hollywood period drama Paradise Pictures and the thriller Falling Water, signal the network's move toward darker programming.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock