UCLA QB Josh Rosen Replaced the Hot Tub In His Dorm Room With a Ping Pong Table

UCLA gave Josh Rosen lemons, so the Bruins' QB made lemonade.

Life is tough when you're the starting quarterback for a major Division I program. Sometimes the only class you're signed up for is Ballroom Dancing, and you have to figure out what else to do with your free time—like Matt Lienart had to do during his final year at USC. Other times, your university makes you remove the hot tub you had in your dorm room and replace it with something else, like a ping-pong table. We wouldn't wish that burden on anyone.

Josh Rosen and Friend

Josh Rosen in his dorm room hot tub

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen famously installed a hot tub in his dorm room last season, as if he were channeling National Lampoon's Van Wilder. But once school administrators took notice of it, they quickly promulgated a strict "Hey, please remove that hot tub from your dorm" policy.

Josh Rosen's Dorm Room Ping-Pong Table

Josh Rosen's new ping-pong table

Rosen is resilient, though. He wouldn't let the tyranny of UCLA's administration bring him down. He simply replaced his hot tub with a ping-pong table, posting pics of his new toy to his Instagram account with the caption, "They said I couldn't have a hot tub..." How he has room to do anything else—like sleep, walk or do Push-Ups—is beyond us, but that's not important. What's important is the life lesson this teaches us all: If you can't have a hot tub, you might as well have a ping-pong table.

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