The 4 Biggest Upgrades to "NBA 2K13"

Not sure if you should invest in this year's NBA 2K game? Learn about the four biggest upgrades to "NBA 2K13."


The latest edition of NBA 2K (in stores Oct. 2) has some major changes. Here are the four biggest:

Simplified Dribbling Controls

In years past, the right analog stick was mapped to the iso-motion dribbling controls, which were deep and advanced but frustrating for new gamers. Gamers had to rotate the stick in precise quarter-circle turns to make their player perform a move.

2K Sports simplified things this time around by making the right stick control dribbling with a 1:1 ratio. Simply push the stick to the right and the ball goes to your right hand. Move the stick back and forth quickly for a crossover. This small tweak should open up the game to players who were intimidated by the more complex iso-motion system.


Jay-Z was instrumental in getting the original Dream Team (1992 Barcelona Olympics) into the game, and he is listed as executive producer of NBA 2K13. Jay-Z even influenced 2K13's menu style. His involvement goes way beyond including "Victory" and some of his best songs on the soundtrack.

All-Star Weekend DLC

The full NBA All-Star Weekend is available for free to those who pre-order NBA 2K13, and it will be available as DLC for everyone else. Featuring the Rising Stars Challenge, which pits rookies against sophomores, the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest, and the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, it's the comprehensive All-Star mode that has been missing from previous versions of the game.

NBA-2k13 Wilkins

New Legends

Each year, 2K Sports includes legendary players and teams. NBA 2K13 is the first to feature Allen Iverson as a legendary character from the Philadelphia 76ers 2000-2001 team, which made the NBA Finals. Fans should expect to see others, like Shaq from his Orlando Magic days, Shawn Kemp on the Sonics and Wilt Chamberlain on the Lakers.

Allen Iverson NBA2K13

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