Get Motivated With ViewSPORT Sports Apparel

Here's a unique concept. Need motivation for your workouts? Deliver a message to yourself and others with a sweat-activated ViewSPORT shirt.

Need more inspiration to get through your next training session? Next time you hit the gym, try throwing on a shirt from ViewSPORT, an innovative fitness apparel line focused on the motivated athlete.

What's so special about this gear? Well, it communicates. When ViewSPORT CEO and "head coach" Ben Wood was in college, he noticed how his shirt's sweat patterns during workouts seemed to form images. This led him to search for a way to use perspiration to deliver motivational messages. So now, thanks to his patent-pending technology, when an athlete sweats wearing a  ViewSPORT shirt, a word design starts to appear. The word-image can only be activated by sweat, and the harder you work the more visible your message becomes.

ViewSPORT has attracted attention from the military and sports teams and was submerged in the frenzy of the hit show, Shark Tank. Recently, STACK had an opportunity to speak with Wood about his product, how it works and why it's such a cool workout tool.

STACK: You were in medical school when you invented this sweat technology. What led you to develop this line of clothing?

Ben Wood: The inspiration for ViewSPORT actually came during one of my med school workouts. I was looking down at my shirt while I was running, and I thought: "Wouldn't it be cool if I could control my sweat patterns in a way that motivated me to work harder." That was the genesis for the idea, and from there I've tried to turn the technology into a way to inspire others who love fitness.

How does the technology work with the materials, and why is it so great for athletes?

Wood: The sweat-activated technology is integrated directly into the material. When you wear the shirts or tanks, you don't feel it. You just see it and then you try to work harder.

STACK: This is a unique brand concept. Have you had any notable endorsers?

 We've had some very strong partners right out of the gate, including ECAC, Fitfluential, Girls Gone Sporty and athlete ambassadors such as Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers. People love the technology. It's really catching on and inspiring new people every day.

Your company is focused on motivation and empowerment. Do you have a specific mission statement?

Our company's mission is to inspire everyone to be their best and live healthy, fulfilling lives. We believe we can help people lose weight, grow stronger and become healthier by motivating them through our technology. You'll see that our social media posts are all focused on motivation. That's what ViewSPORT is really about: motivating people to be their best.

 ViewSPORT team members have titles that refer to football. Any particular reason?

 It just really worked well with how we see ourselves. We view our people as one big team. Having Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers work with our brand is also a strong tie-in.

Will you be launching any new products with sweat-activation technology?

 Right now, we're focused on the development of an entirely new spring line, which  I think people are going to love. We're also exploring some ideas for the New Year and New Year's resolutions. We want to be the ultimate fitness/motivational shirt of 2013. So stay tuned.

Like what you see? Power through your next workout session with ViewSPORT. You can order either a company designed tee or customize your own.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock