WATCH: Brandon Phillips' Fake Tag Almost Gives Juan Uribe a Heart Attack

Brandon Phillips reminds Juan Uribe why it's important to pay attention when you're on base.

Juan Uribe and Brandon Phillips

When a team is playing the last game of a four-game series and are likely to get swept, the game can get boring. That's the position the Cincinnati Reds were in Thursday night, trailing 6-2 in the sixth inning against the Cleveland Indians, when one of their players decided to have a little fun.

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With two outs and Indians third baseman Juan Uribe on second base, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips decided to play a trick. Between pitches, Uribe was paying little attention to what was going on around him, and he momentarily took his foot off the bag. Phillips seized the moment and ran over to tag Uribe with his glove. Of course, Phillips didn't have the ball and was just clowning around. But Uribe momentarily thought he'd been caught off the base. Phillips laughed, pointed his glove at Uribe and got back into position for the next pitch. Uribe clutched at his heart, letting Phillips know that his prank had succeeded.

Bryce Harper's "Make Baseball Fun Again" campaign is gaining traction.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock