WATCH: Fan Participates in Arizona Football Practice and Dominates O Lineman

Watch this Arizona Wildcats fan manhandle the team's center.

Arizona Football

College football spring games are right around the corner, and teams are practicing to get ready.

The University of Arizona is not playing in any spring games this year. Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez decided against it, because he thinks they pose too high a risk for the reward. Participating teams worry about injuries or other teams learning their plays.

So what is Arizona doing instead? Rodriguez holds an open practice where fans can take part in certain drills with the players.

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However, Rodriguez and his staff were not expecting a fan to dominate one of their offensive linemen. The fan lines up at defensive tackle and bull rushes the Wildcat center, forcing him back into the quarterback. Of course, the coaches and other players go crazy, but you can tell the fan was ready by looking at the cutoff shirt he's wearing.

Watch the video below (fast forward to the 1:10 mark) to see fans participate in Arizona's practice.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock