WATCH: James Harrison and Steelers Teammates Play Volleyball with a Medicine Ball

James Harrison and his teammates play Danneyball, a game that looks much harder than volleyball.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison could probably be a solid volleyball player. The linebacker's agility would help him get from one side to the other, enabling him to hit the ball over the net with ease.

But Harrison, 38, isn't satisfied with playing volleyball—because why do that when he can play a harder version of it called Danneyball, which involves using a medicine ball instead of a volleyball?

On Tuesday, Harrison posted a video on Instagram of himself playing Danneyball with some teammates.

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The medicine ball is not hit back and forth over the net like a volleyball. Rather, one team hurls it over the net and the other has to catch it. The objective is to prevent the med ball from hitting the ground. It's a core exercise and a full-body workout. You run around in the sand catching a medicine ball and immediately throwing it back over the net. Your movements combined with the weight of the ball make for a grueling workout.

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Harrison played this game with teammates last summer, too. If he does this tough workout on a regular basis during the summer, no wonder he is still a serviceable pass rusher. Last season, Harrison recorded five sacks, ranking third in that category for the Steelers.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock