WATCH: Kate Upton Does a Bear Crawl With a 300-Pound Sled

Kate Upton continues to show off awesome strength in her latest Instagram post.

Kate Upton is getting seriously strong. On an almost weekly basis, she can be seen lifting hundreds of pounds of weight under the guidance of trainer Ben Bruno.

In her latest Instagram post, Upton performs a Resisted Bear Crawl with 300 pounds, which is a crazy display of total-body strength. For comparison, Bruno, who is a strong dude and a strength coach, can be seen doing the same exercise with 500 pounds. It's safe to say Kate's effort is pretty awesome.

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The Bear Crawl is a fantastic exercise, commonly used during warm-ups or for conditioning. It gets the heart rate up, activates the core and works the chest, shoulders and arms. Kate is pulling heavy weight to challenge these muscles, while also engaging her lower body, because she must drive through her glutes and legs to move the sled.

If you want to try this exercise but don't have the requisite equipment, wrap a band around your torso and have a partner resist your movement as shown here by Todd Durkin.

WATCH: Kate Upton Pushes a 500-Pound Sled

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock