WATCH: Lonzo Ball's Relentless Post-Practice Work Ethic Has Fueled His Success at UCLA

The unseen hours have propelled Ball to stardom.

Lonzo Ball is the hottest college basketball prospect in the country for good reason. The freshman has UCLA off to a 10-0 start and ranked No. 2 in the country. His passing ability is evoking comparisons to the great Jason Kidd. And his 3-point range looks a lot like Stephen Curry's. Ball's early season performance has generated so much buzz around UCLA's program that Pauley Pavilion was totally sold out for the Bruins' home game against Michigan on Saturday, the first time it's been packed to the brim in years.

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Ball's success shouldn't exactly come as a surprise, seeing as how his father has been preparing him for this moment since he was 4 years old. But now that the eldest Ball son is on his own for the first time, he has taken things into his own hands. Ball knows the importance of getting better on his own time, and he's taken that idea to heart.

The night before UCLA took on Michigan, UCLA's head women's basketball coach Cori Close captured Ball getting in an on-court workout with what appeared to be a Bruins assistant coach. Ball worked on playing off the pick and roll to open up space for either a mid-range jump shot or a drive to the rim, two things he's done incredibly well this season.

He's also doing things like bombing away from the half court logo. The dude's talent is undeniable. Yet there's something about watching a highly touted freshman, who will almost surely be the next one-and-done star, putting in extra work when he doesn't have to that makes you feel right about the world.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock