WATCH: New York Giants Running Back Rashad Jennings Was a 270-Pound Wrecking Ball in High School

Watch Rashad Jennings' awesome (we really mean it) high school highlight tape.

It seems like an old highlight tape of a current NFL star emerges every other week. They always get labeled "insane!" or "amazing!", but many of them aren't all that surprising. You see a player—usually a bit bigger than the other players— dominating his competition. That's probably what you'd expect from a kid who would go on to play in the NFL. But I can honestly say I've never seen anything like Rashad Jennings' high school highlight tape.

Jennings, now a running back for the New York Giants, didn't have the typical star athlete experience in high school. During his junior season at Jefferson Forest High (Bedford County, Virginia), Jennings weighed roughly 270 pounds and was fifth on the depth chart at running back. He lived on junk food, had severe asthma, and maintained a GPA close to zero. He was never supposed to touch the field. Then, an unbelievable series of injuries struck his team in the last game of the season. The coaches were forced to put Jennings in, and he ended up balling out, scoring five touchdowns and shocking everyone in attendance.

He then transferred to Lynchburg Christian Academy where he worked to get his life on track. His grades came up, he cut out junk food and he began losing weight. The above video is from Jennings' time at Lynchburg. His incredible size, speed and power made every other player on the field look like they were waiting to hit puberty! His numbers were fittingly ridiculous—1,978 rushing yards and 10.3 yards per carry his senior year.

Although his current physique is wildly different from what it was back in high school, his combination of speed and power is still deadly. He ran all over the Carolina Panthers' vaunted defense last week, racking up 107 rushing yards on just 16 carries.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock