WATCH: NFL Players and Pro Bodybuilders Get Demolished By Hellishly Difficult Obstacle Course

Watch pro football players go head to head against bodybuilders in an obstacle course competition.

When you pit professional bodybuilders against NFL prospects in a series of athletic competitions, who comes out on top?

That's the question the guys at TEST Football Academy and Inner Armour wanted to answer. Last week, we saw the bodybuilders capture an impressive win in the Tug of War. This week, the combatants square off in a punishing obstacle course which included:

  • 50 Push-Ups
  • Bodyweight Seated Sled Pull
  • 100-Yard Hex Bar Bodyweight Farmer's Walk
  • 100-Yard Bodyweight Prowler Push

Doug Moss, a cornerback out of the University of New Hampshire, represents the NFL prospects. David Paterik, 2014 NPC Bodybuilding National Champion, represents the professional bodybuilders. In an added twist, former NFL Pro Bowl linebacker Bart Scott enters the battle as a representative for the NFL pro group. Which one of these three unique athletes reigned supreme? Check out the above video to find the answer and see the action (starting at the 1:21 mark).

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock