WATCH: This Awesome NHL GoPro Video Gives You Close-Up Views of Incredible Puck Skills

The NHL and GoPro are partnering to produce a video series called 'GoPro: NHL After Dark' to give fans great views of the game.

NHL After Dark

When hockey fans see their favorite NHL player make a good move or a nice dangle, they get pumped. Normally they see it from afar, either from the comfort of their couch or high up in the stands. Unfortunately, fans don't always get a close-up view of the player's incredible puck skills.

Well, GoPro and the NHL have extended their partnership with an 11-part GoPro: NHL After Dark series to give fans the best view in the house.

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In the awesome video below, you see the game from the perspective of some of the NHL's top stars—guys like Duncan Keith, Tomas Tatar and Claude Giroux. Watch them make awesome trick shots, goalie saves, and crazy dekes.

Make sure to catch Giroux playing "frogger" at the 1:50 mark. His puck handling ability will blow your mind.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock