Watch Tim Duncan and Pau Gasol Go Head to Head During a Spurs Practice

It's never too late to learn something from one of the best power forwards in NBA history.

Tim Duncan cannot tear himself away from the game of basketball. After retiring in July, the 5-time NBA champion has been seen at the San Antonio Spurs' practice facility on several occasions. We can now add Monday's practice to the list, because Duncan was spotted again.

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Instead of participating as a coach or helping the younger players develop, Duncan was seen playing Spurs center Pau Gasol in a one-on-one contest. In their version, Duncan stayed on defense and Gasol stayed on offense. If Duncan stopped Gasol from scoring, he received a point. If Gasol scored, he received a point.




At one point during the matchup, the 40-year-old Duncan fouled Gasol during a shot attempt and immediately raised his arm, admitting to the foul just like he used to do as an active player in NBA games.




After the game, reporters caught up with Gasol to ask him about the experience. He said Duncan used the time to give him a few tips on his game. Though he is 36 years old, Gasol can still learn a thing or two from the perennial All-Star.

Who won the one-on-one challenge? "We tied," said Gasol.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock